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Current Title 24 energy code: 2016

Effective date January 1, 2017


Next Title 24 energy code: 2019

Planned effective date January 1, 2020


For a capsule summary of 2019 code changes, click HERE






Commercial and institutional building Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 energy compliance analysis and documentation, including new buildings, tenant improvements, alterations and additions. All building types, including schools, hotels and religious facilities.  Nonresidential Title 24 compliance analysis and documentation for all applicable components: envelope, indoor and outdoor lighting, and mechanical systems.



Residential Title 24 energy compliance analysis and documentation, including new buildings, alterations and additions. All building types: high-rise and low-rise multi-unit projects, single-family homes, and mixed-use buildings.  Residential Title 24 compliance analysis and documentation for all applicable components: envelope, space conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, and DHW systems.



LEED energy compliance, including ASHRAE 90.1 based EAp2 and EAc1 compliance for nonresidential buildings, GreenPoint Rated for new residential buildings, HPS (public schools) efficiency rebates, municipal energy-efficient building requirement programs, and utility-based energy efficiency incentive programs.



Building energy use analysis.  Calculation of expected utility energy charges for various architectural designs and building systems.




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